Acrylic Box Ant Nest (S)


This all-in-one 95mm (l) x 97mm (w) x 86mm (h) acrylic nest is ideal for small/medium colonies of medium and large ants such as Lasius spp, Messor spp and some Camponotus spp


The clear acrylic will allow you to observe your colony of ants as they actively forage and go about their daily lives. 




A) Water tower  - ensures a humidity gradient that's suitable for the development of the ants. 


B) Built-in foraging area which is connected at the back of the nesting area.


C) 2 glass tubes to alternate for water changes. 


D) Pasteur Pipette for hydration.


Note: This nest arrives dissasembled. However, an e-mail containing a simple instruction manual will be sent with your purchase. 

Acrylic Box Ant Nest (S)