AntsHQ Garrison I Ant Nest
A compact, all-in-one ant nest designed for small to medium sized colonies of ants. Perfect for beginners or experienced keepers alike. 
The crystal clear acrylic sheets used, allow maximum observation of the ants both in their nesting and foraging area. These are interconnected and allow young founding colonies to explore without becoming exhausted.
A key feature of this nest is its expandable nature as the connection ports allow you to connect your nest to other Ants HQ nests!
Discovering the natural world of ants could not be simpler. 
	90mm x 50mm x 25mm
	Crystal Clear Acrylic
	Expansion portals: 2
	In-built hydration system
	Syringe (blunt end)
	Red Acrylic Magnetic Sheet (to cover undeground chambers)

Garrison I Ant Nest




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