Aphaenogaster longiceps (Funnel Ant)


The nests of these ants are easily recognised in the South Eastern parts of Australia due to their funnel like mounds. 


Fun fact! As many other species of ants, they hold a pivotal role in their ecosystem(s). In this particular case, these are responsible for seed dispersal mechanisms and providing microhabitats for said seeds to actually grow and prosper into mature plants. You could imagine them as little personal gardeners! 


This medium-sized ant (queen reaching 13mm) is incredibly hardy and will form large colonies in captvity at a fast rate! Additionally, colonies will adapt well to artificial acrylic nests as opposed to naturalistic microhabitats. 


As a subtropical ants, these do not require a hibernation period but can benefit from brief periods of cooler temperatures to reflect those natural variations in the wild. 


Ideal for beginners, amateurs and experienced keepers alike. Due to their relatively large size, they are easy to observe and as an opportunistic forager species, will accept most foods readily. 


It is illegal and strictly frowned upon to release any non-native ants into the wild. 

Aphaenogaster longiceps (Funnel Ant)