Astrolite Nest (L)


The large black & white Astrolite Nest is a perfect, compact formicarium for medium to large sized colonies of ants depending on the species intending to be housed. The nest combines both the nesting area and foraging area in one which makes it easy to use and observe your ants through the crystal clear Acrylic layers. 


The clear foraging area box is connected via a small portal within the acrylic layers to the main nesting area. As with all of our other nests, our kits are modular and can be connected via 10mm tubing to other types of nests to create & innovate your Ant Kingdom!


Hydrating the Astrolite nest could not be easier as the built-in hydration tower can be taken off with ease to top up with water. The PVA sponge provided is a perfect medium to provide the required humidity for your ants as the water slowly evaporates within the layers of the formicarium. 


Lastly, it also comes with a very handy, red acrylic panel that is custom made to your Astrolite nest to ensure your ants do not get stressed when they're not being observed! 


Note: This kit requires assembly and a mini screwdriver is provided to help you with the setup. 





  • 200 mm (l) x 150 mm (w) x 75 mm (h)
  • Recommended species: Messor spp. / Myrmica spp. / Camponotus spp. / Lasius spp.
  • Connection stoppers
  • Refillable hydration tower
  • Red Acrylic panel
  • Black & white Acrylic panels
  • Expansion portals: 2 (10mm)

Astrolite Nest (L)