Founding Chest


This small, wooden Founding Chest Ant Nest has been specifically adapted to replicate the founding chambers of young queens and colonies that are created in the beginning stages of ant colony's life.  The Founding Chest is suitable for ant species which require low levels of humidity within their nest chambers. I.e. Camponotus spp. / Tetraponera spp. / Colobopsis spp. / Crematogaster Spp.  


These remarkable little nests undergo weeks of preparation to ensure that the wood is perfectly adapted to your colony's needs and requirements whilst also ensuring a high level of craftsmanship based on attention to detail. Accompanying the nest, is a custom-made, red acrylic panel that attaches via magnets to ensure that the colony does not get stressed when they're not being observed!


If you're looking to add something handmade and unique to your home, look no further! 

Thriving & living ants diligently going about their daily lives inside wooden "sculptures"... now that's what you call a true statement piece. 


Unfortunately, high-humidity requiring species such as Myrmica spp. will not adapt well to this type of habitat. 




Size - 70 mm (h) x 40 mm (w) 


Material - Oak, Ash & Walnut


Chambers & tunnels - Nests are made on an individual basis and designs may slightly vary between each model. 


Connection ports - 10mm (2)


Species - Camponotus, Tetraponera, Crematogaster, Colobopsis

Founding Chest Nest