Manica rubida (European Giant Red Ant)


Are you looking for a fierce and aggresive European species of ant? Look no further. Manica rubida  is a relatively large, bold, red ant. In comparison to a similar species, Myrmica rubra, this variety triples them in size. Additionally, queens themselves will occasionally forage and take down live insects during the foundation stages of a young colony. 


This large ant is typically associated with mountainous areas with high humidity and therefore, artifical nests should replicate this, especially within the nest area of your formicarium. 


Workers will actively forage in large numbers, often being able to take down live prey with ease due to their potent venom that is excreted from their posterior stinger. 


In the wild, nests are often found amongst low lying vegetation under stones and decaying wood. Typically scattered throughout mountain ranges from the base to the peak. 


They are a rather aggresive species of ant that is suitable for slightly more experienced keepers due to their rather painful sting. However, in terms of keeping conditions, a well informed beginner could cater for them rather well.  In terms of growth they are quite fast to develop once the colony reaches 10 workers and over. Due to the nature of their natural environment, these ants are mainly active throughout the year but would benefit from a short period of hibernation from January - March. 


It is illegal and strictly frowned upon to release any non-native ants into the wild. 

Manica rubida