AntsHQ Myrmeco I Ant Nest


The ultimate, all-in-one, light up ant farm designed for beginners and experienced alike. Discovering and learning about the fascinating life of ants could not be easier.


Light up? Yes, you heard right. Each individual chamber can be lit up using three ergonomic buttons on the side.


The Myrmeco Ant Nest is suitable for almost all species of ants, from Common Black Garden Ants such as Lasius niger to granivorous seed harvesters such as Messor barbarus to the fast ever growing, exotic species such as Camponotus nicobarensis.


Cleverly crafted, the sandy, granulated inner chambers of this nest have been created with your colony's requirements in mind. Not only does this provide a substrate that mimics their natural environment, it also ensures that a humidity gradient can be easily maintained.


A key feature of this nest is that the foraging area attaches directly on top of their nesting chambers. Allowing maximum field of observation, which is handy when observing your colony's behaviours and antics.




  • 160mm (l) x 80mm (w) x 140mm (h)
  • Light up chambers controlled by 3 buttons
  • USB Power Adaptor
  • Red Acrylic Magnetic Sheet (to cover undeground chambers)
  • Refillable Hydration Chamber Syringe (blunt tip)
  • Plastic tubing to connect to other Myrmeco nests
  • Connection stoppers
  • Expansion portals: 2 (10mm)

Myrmeco I Ant Nest