Springtail 'Clean-up' Crew


One of the most efficient clean-up crews you will find out there!


Springtails (Collembola spp.) are small white/grey isopods that only measure a few millimeters long. These mini, land-dwelling crustaceans, are becoming increasingly popular in our ant keeping community due to their; hardiness, high breeding rates and more importantly - efficient lifestyle of breaking down organic matter.


These are an ant colony's best friend (and fellow keepers!) as they feed on decaying plants and vegetables, along with common plant-killing fungi. This means that they reduce the amount of organic waste and therefore, limit the build up of bacteria and mould in the enclosure. 


Not only this but for instance, in a bioactive setup, having springtail communities also facilitate plant growth as the recyled waste produced by these ispods, provide important minerals for them to thrive.


Lastly, for certain smaller species of ants that have specialised feeding habits such as Strumigenys leptorhina, these can also be a source of livefood!




- Soil filled tub with hundreds of active springtails


- Maintain cultures humid


- If creating a bio-active setup, it is recommended to introduce springtails first to allow proper establishment of community

Springtail 'clean-up' crew