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Embark on the Ant Keeping hobby or expand your collection as an experienced keeper!

Discover our vast selection of Queen ants and colonies for an immersive experience.

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Explore our ant shop with options for everyone. From beginner-friendly Messor barbarus (Harvester Ants) to advanced collections like Oecophylla smaragdina  (Green Weaver Ants) or Harpegnathos venator (Jumping Ants), find the perfect fit for your ant-keeping journey.

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Antkeeping Essentials

Explore our ant keeping essentials, featuring specially designed formicariums and vital nutrition supplies, perfect for your ant keeping journey.


Searching for a perfect gift? Check out our online gift cards and Ants HQ tote bags, ideal for the ant lover in your life. Thoughtful and practical presents they'll adore.

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