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Find a home for your ants

Experience effortless ant keeping and observation at home, in classrooms, offices, or labs with our wide array of specialist ant farms (formicaria) perfectly designed to meet your ants' needs.

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Explore our diverse range, offering naturalistic compact enclosures and clear acrylic environments for all preferences. Our modular nests allow you to expand your empire by connecting them to another Ants HQ nest.

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Get more out of your home

Optimise your ant-keeping journey with extras like water dispensers, feeding dishes, pipettes, and cleaning hooks. Isopods serve as a clean-up crew, keeping your ant farm tidy and balanced.

Ants HQ Community

Discover our ant-keeping set-ups by you. Get inspired by the Ants HQ community's creativity and passion for ants. 

Ants HQ Community

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