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Our Story

Ants HQ Ltd, established in 2020 by Cesar, is a pioneering hub for ant enthusiasts. We source species and habitats, educate, and champion ant conservation, bridging science and passion.

Fresh out of university with honors in Biological Sciences, Cesar embarked on an audacious mission in 2018: selling ants through a self-started venture. Faced with London's exorbitant costs, he scoured the city for affordable space and serendipitously stumbled upon a small office nestled in the heart of London Bridge, thanks to a friend's invaluable tip.

Cesar's journey involved a delicate juggling act of diverse odd jobs. From pre-dawn bagel baking to serving as an invertebrate assistant at a major European Reptile wholesaler, and enduring arduous 2-hour commutes for dog walking and voice-over gigs, every hard-earned penny was funneled into his brainchild, Ants HQ. This endeavor, akin to a queen ant nurturing her colony, germinated well before his university graduation. It had its roots in school and college, fortified by the unwavering support of friends, family, teachers, and mentors. Notably, even at 15, Cesar was delving into ant research at Brackeridge Field Laboratory in Texas and filming with the renowned Mark W. Moffett.

In 2020, Ants HQ Ltd. was formally established as a limited company, marking a significant milestone. Today, it flourishes in London, Hammersmith, pursuing multifaceted objectives. These span from enhancing the Ant-Keeping hobby by introducing novel ant species and innovative formicariums to educating the masses about these fascinating creatures.

The company bridges the chasm between scientific advancements and consumer accessibility, nurturing research and sustainability, while also championing ant conservation and awareness.

Ant Keeping is ingrained in the company's DNA, evident through meticulous Border Inspection Posts, stringent quality control, and unwavering commitment to ethics and sustainability. The once solitary Cesar is now accompanied by a team of like-minded individuals in the Ants HQ colony. This is the journey so far – a narrative that welcomes those intrigued to engage and expresses heartfelt gratitude for being part of their expedition.

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