Camponotus americanus (American Carpenter Ant)


This large, mottled reddish-brown ant species from South-East America is considered to be a true Carpenter ant as a large part of their nesting behaviour revolves around wooden structures.


As with ants of the Camponotus genera, minors, medias and major worker ants are present. These range from 4mm - 12mm in general and are of similar colouration to the queen. 


These carpenter ants are usually found in Oak-Hickory forests/grassland habitats nesting in rotten stumps of wood or under stones. Mature colonies can reach upto 20,000 individuals and become very aggresive, readily availabe to attack any potential hazards nearby. 


Interestingly, workers of this species are available to coordinate their middle and hinds legs in such a fashion that allows them to swim across water columns for a short period of time!


Due to the climate their native habitat, a brief & mild hibernation period is recommended from December - March. 


It is illegal and strictly frowned upon to release any non-native ants into the wild. 

Camponotus americanus