Lasius brunneus (Timber Ant)


The timber ant, Lasius brunneus is typically associated with broad-leaved trees as it commonly nests within mature Oak found in deciduous forests and grassland fringes. 


Whilst these may seem similar to Lasius niger (Common Black Garden Ant), they are fairly different in behaviour as these are less aggressive and tend to forage solely on the tree that they reside in. Additionally, a rather beautiful red tone covers most of the upper body of this ant species. 


Interestingly, in the wild the mostly depend on the excrements of aphids and other insects found within the bark/leaves of the tree. However, in captivity they adapt extremely well to feed on a variety of insects; fruit flies, crickets, mealworms. 


If you're looking for a hardy, easy to care for ant slightly different than Lasius niger or Lasius flavus - L.brunneus may be just for you! 


It is illegal and strictly frowned upon to release any non-native ants in to the wild.

Lasius brunneus