Odontoponera transversa  (Toothed Ponera Ant)


A rather primitive species belonging to the Ponerine family, Odontoponera transversa is a rather bulky ant which is very aggresive towards prey. Morphologically it is of a black colouration throughout its entire body. 


This species of ants forms colonies similar to those of Neandarthal societies as their tribes have similar forgaging behaviours. Unlike many other species of ants which search for resources in mass, this variety of ant like many others of the Ponerine family, forage singly or in pairs. Additionally, they have a remarkable ability of being able to follow each other and trace each others 'footsteps' with great accuracy. 


These aggresive ants are found typically in warm, humid tropical forests and at the base of mountainous regions. 


Lastly did you know that when the queen of this ant initiates her foundation stage, she will proactively go hunt for live insects to feed her developing larvae? This behaviour is associated with 'semi-claustral' species of ants. 


They are a very hardy species of ant that is suitable for beginners and more experienced enthusiasts alike. Their sting is rather painful so caution is advised if handling or younger children are involved. In terms of growth they are quite slow to develop and mature colonies aren't typically larger than 500 - 800 individuals in the wild.


It is illegal and strictly frowned upon to release any non-native ants into the wild. 

Odontoponera transversa