Tapinoma melanocephalum (Mini Ghost Ant)


An unusual, visually striking species of tropical/temperate species of ant. It's commonly referred to as the "ghost ant" due to its small size and often, erratic and fast movements which can effectively make them difficult to see if unaware of their presence in the first place. 


T.melanocephalum has become a potentially invasive species in parts of South America and Asia, therefore if keeping this species, its advised that escape prevention barriers are carefully planned and thought out prior to keeping this species. It's this reason as to why we will only ship such species across to territories with climates which would not allow their proliferation in wild existing habitats. 


Its polygynous nature in combination with its budding ability makes it especially attractive to keep as this often means that worker ants are produced en masse at higher productivity rates, therefore producing 'super colonies' in a short space of time.


Additionally their opportunistic and omnivorous nature makes them an easy all around ant, to look after as they do not require much space and will often swarm over food such as cut up mealworms, often only leaving remains of their exoskeleton husks.


All in all, a very interesting species of ant to keep that doesn't require a large space and relatively easy to keep (as long as escape barriers are placed). 


It is illegal and strictly frowned upon to release any non-native ants into the wild. 

Tapinoma melanocephalum (Ghost Ant)