Giant Orange Isopods (Clean Up Crew)


"Mold-busters" are here! Your very own 12-15 man team dedicated to breaking down organic matter within your ant empire(s) enclosures. Imagine that, in-house cleaners just for your ant colonies. Due to their voracious appetites and hardy nature, they've become the perfect addition to most ant nests, especially bio-active setups. 


Whilst they won't break down mold as such, they will opportunistically break down most decaying organic matter such as leftover ant jelly or unneaten remains of insects, helping prevent outbreaks of mold and fungus within your setup.


Porcellio laevis are one of the larger species of Isopod and can grow upto 18mm in length. That's about the size of a Camponotus japonicus queen to you and I! These Giant woodlice are a striking orange colour which make them a very pleasing addition to any habitat, especially when observed in larger groups. 


Unlike some Isopods, P.laevis are not usually fazed by larger organisms and instead of scurrying away, will often come and investigate which make them even more interesting to keep alongside your colony of ants!


In order to truly thrive and become established in the setup, they need to be in a constantly damp and humid microclimate, which can often be created through rotten wood and decaying leaf matter. Our cultures are supplied in tubs as a starter culture of various sizes, often ranging from 12-15 individuals.

Giant Orange Isopods (Clean Up Crew)