Heat mat


Our Heat Mats are ideal for all species of ants that require higher nest temperatures.


These handy little mats, can be placed underneath or on the side of a formicarium to offer a suitable temperature gradient that allows the ants to move themselves and their brood to the most ideal spot, according to varying microclimates within your nest.


Heat mats produce gentle, natural warmth for our colonies, which can stimulate faster growth of a colony overall by increasing development rate of different brood stages.


We recommend that you do not cover more than a third (for small nests) or half (larger nests) of the floor/side of your formicarium, to ensure that the ants can always have an option to move to cooler spots. Additionally, it is always safest to pair your heat mat with a reliable thermostat for best results.




5W: 14cm x 15cm (5.5" x 6")
7W: 15cm x 28cm (6" x 11")

Heat mat