eXplorer I Outworld (l)


The large eXplorer I Outworld  series is designed to allow medium-large ant colonies to forage and scout for resources as they would naturally do in the wild. There's nothing quite like watching a group of worker ants diligently cooperating together as they bring in a food item that may be five times their size! 


Not to mention, adding an outworld is also beneficial to the growth of your colony as this expansion allows for easier cleaning & nest maintenance. This is because ants tend to be very clean creatures and will most often bring discarded remains and general rubbish outside their main nest. 


The Explorer I Outworld series allows for perfect observation through it's crystal clear acrylic panels (3mm industry standard). Not to mention, perfect for adding a drinking station for your ants (i.e. small deluxe water dispenser).


Please note: This kit will arrived disassembled and will require putting together. However, this usually takes 5-10 minutes. 


Explorer I Features:


  • Dimensions - 21(l) x10.5(h) x17.5(w) cm 
  • Expansion portals - 2 (10mm)
  • Connection stoppers
  • Includes - outworld, connector tubing and screws/bolts
  • Strong bands for quick assembly

eXplorer I Outworld (L)