Liometopum microcephalum (Arboreal Silver Ant)


This small yet mighty arboricolous ant species (solely resides in trees) is rarely seen in the Ant-Keeping hobby. Hailing from Central Europe, Liometopum microcephalum has adapted to surviving both hot summers & cold winters. Making it a hardy and interesting species to keep in captivity.


Unlike most other ant species, the queens and workers differ completely in colouration! Whilst the queen is dark brown, the workers are in fact orange and silver! A fantastic contrast in colours.


This monogynous species of ant has an extremely high growth rate similar to that of Solenopsis invicta. Founding queens will often lay about 30-50 eggs, all of which eclose at around the same time. This sets a strong precedent for future colony growth as brood piles in this species become very abundant and present throughout the entirety of the nest. 


Whilst this species doesn't have another caste, it does present a degree of polymorphism as some worker ants are significantly larger than the others!


To ward off predators or enemies, these ants will secrete a lemon like scent in an attempt to ward off these unwanted visitors. 


L.microcephalum will extrensively forage in large trails in search of any insects, fruits, honeydew and other sugary substances. Therefore, it is advisable to be prepared to offer them a large space when the colony begins to really explode in growth as mature nests can often contain more than 10,000 individuals!


If you're looking for a highly active & territorial species of ant, look no further!


It is illegal and strictly frowned upon to release any non-native ants into the wild. 


Liometopum microcephalum