Myrmicaria brunnea (Bicoloured Arched Ant)


A soil nesting ant found in the South East Asian region (typically near mountainous areas). The species can actually establish themselves in a variety of habitats - from fruit gardens; sparse forest; swamps or even wastelands - puts us to shame! 


Their diet consists of fruits, to cooking wastes; they’ve also been found to scavenge on dead insects. Due to the climate of the region this species does not hibernate. Notably in its appearance the species has a distinctive down-curved abdomen; with spines on the thorax. Initially, almost seeming as if the ant had something wrong with it! 


Workers resemble the Queen in colour, being a chestnut brown. To defend itself it uses a defense of a chemical nature, raising its abdomen and spraying a secretion towards the threat. You have been warned! (It's actually not that bad unless you are a mealworm).


All in all, an attractive bicoloured exotic ant that is realtively easy to keep between 21-24C and a humidity ranging 60-70%. 


It is illegal and strictly frowned upon to release any non-native ants into the wild. 




Myrmicaria brunnea




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