Nursery Tube Starter Kit
The ideal, all in one setup to raise a young queen ant or a growing founding, colony.
The Nursery tube has been specifically designed to replicate an underground envrionment. Within the nest, natural sand and clay is used to promote egg laying behaviour in young queens and provide the ideal conditions to raise a small colony. 
Observing your ants collect, search and hunt for food sources could not be any easier as it connects easily to a crystal clear, acrylic foraging area. 
The Ants HQ Nursery Tube Starter Kit contains:
- X1 Nursery Tube 
- X1 Clear Acrylic Foraging Area
- X1 Pipette for hydration
- X1 Substrate pack (Sand or Pebbles)
- X1 Oil Escape Prevention Barrier Solution
- X1 Red Acrylic Cover Hide
- X1 Setup instructions
All you need are the ants!

Standard Nursery Tube Starter Kit

Ant Colony



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