Camponotus singularis (Arboreal Asian Ant)


This 'Old World' species is popular yet relatively rare in the ant keeping hobby. Its distinctive bicoloured nature - red head and black/grey body combined with its large size; 20mm queens and 10-18mm workers make them a fascinating and striking ant to keep. 


Camponotus singularis are often found arboreally. This means that more than often, colonies are found residing within the mid and upper sections of tropical rainforest canopies. Specifically a large range, from Nepal to Borneo to Java. Large majors can be seen descending the canopy in search of food and resources for the nest, particularly at evening and night due to their partly nocturnal behaviour. 


In the wild, nests are often comprised of no more than 500 - 1000 individuals. 


Lastly did you know that these ants have a peculiar scent. If one were to pick up a worker ant, distinctive floral notes can be easily noted. 


They are a generally docile species of ant that is suitable for beginners looking to get into exotic ant species or more experienced enthusiasts alike. In terms of growth they are quite slow to develop due to their large size however, once the colony reaches 50 workers and over, colony size seems to increase at a quicker rate. Due to the nature of their natural environment being tropical, these ants are active throughout the entire year, thus not requiring hibernation. 


It is illegal and strictly frowned upon to release any non-native ants into the wild. 

Camponotus singularis