Pheidole sinica


The world's largest Big Headed Ant, Pheidole sinica is renowned for displaying high activity levels, aggresive/swarming behaviour as well as a large degree of polymorphism. When keeping this species, you'll immediately notice the sheer difference in size between the average worker ants and the majesty herself. Not to mention that the soldiers' mandibles rival those of the queen!


Many hobbyists liken this species of Pheidole to Carebara spp. as the queens are very similar in size and colouration but most notably, their aggression and predator prey response are almost the same. However, unlike Carebara spp. this species tolerates shipping very well and adapts easily to captive environments after transportation and quickly establishes itself. 


In addition to their interesting morphology, colonies of this species have been observed to create several satellite nests in one single habitat! These are often formed by large numbers of workers and brood. It's thought that this behavioural adaptation increases the likelihood of survival in the wild.


To ensure an optimal growing environment, the nest temperature of this species should be kept at 26-27C with an average high humidity of 60-70%, combined with good ventilation. 


Lastly, whilst the general care of this species is relatively easy, it's important to note that once colony sizes grow, they can become great escape artists due to their small, lightweight nimble nature. Therefore, a reliable escape prevention system should be in place.


It is illegal and strictly frowned upon to release any non-native ants into the wild.

Pheidole sinica (Big Headed Ant)