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Discover the world of ants

Your go-to destination for everything you need to ensure happy, healthy ants. As live ant specialists, we offer over 150 global, thriving species of ant colonies and queens. Get expert advice and explore our diverse formicarium range.

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Best Sellers

Embark on an exciting journey through our best-selling ants and formicariums 

Starter Kits

Embark on your ant-keeping journey with our thoughtfully designed starter kits. Enjoy a hassle-free experience catering to all preferences – choose beginner ants with an ant farm or the comprehensive kit.

Why choose us?

Choose us as your go-to ant store because we're passionate about creating a comprehensive space for everything ants.

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We support our customers on their ant-keeping journey, supplying healthy, fertile queens.  Our commitment to ethical farmland practices ensures responsible sourcing. As experts in ant keeping, we take pride in being an independent UK business, founded with a background in Entomology and biological sciences.  Together with our shipping couriers, we strive to deliver carbon-positive shipping, making conscious choices for a sustainable future.

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