Leptogenys diminuta (Long Legged Ponerine Ant)


A fast & fierce species of tropical ant hailing from South East Asia. These slender, long-legged ants are found nesting in rotting wood and amongst leaf litter. Their behaviour is often compared to those belonging to the family of 'Army Ants' due to their semi-nomadic lifestyle. 


This species of ant is not for the feint hearted as their aggresive nature combined with their nimble movements, are better suited for experienced hands. 


Leptogenys diminuta are known as predatory ants and respond well to live feeding (appropiate sized livefood). Often, workers will forage singly as opposed to swarming and will single handedly transport small insects back to the colony.


Interesting fact: Colonies of this species contain 'ergatoid queens' which are a reproductive caste of wingless queen ants. Scientists believe that this type of adaptation is advantageous as they are less costly to produce for the colony (in terms of energy expenditure) and that this reproductive system, may have higher survival rates than more common, winged, independent (claustral) colony forming queens.


It is illegal and strictly frowned upon to release any non-native ants into the wild. 

Leptogenys diminuta (Long Legged Ponerine Ant)